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13. Oktober 2008 1 13 /10 /Oktober /2008 12:21

Bangladesh ICT industry has come a long way in last several decades. Particularly, in recent years ICT in Bangladesh has been experiencing an exponent growth and making its presence strongly felt both in the public & private sectors in the country. Some of the recent developments that are driving the industry are:

increasing availibility of computers and internet connections.
The newly installed SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine connectivity (10 GBPS) has providet the software and IT Service industry high-speed data and voice connectivity with the rest of the world.

Rapid expansion of telecommunication & data network across the country. Most parts of the country are now connected with high-speed fiber-optic or microwave connectivity.

A large number of good quality software application development houses - more than 500 companies with over 50.000 knowledge workers and technical resources.

The export of Software and ICT services are experiencing high growth in recent years. During the last 5 years, the average yearly export growth has been around 60% including more than 90% growth in last year. Over 100 software and IT Service companies are exporting differen software products and ICT services to clients from USA, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Australia, South Africa, Middle-East and ASEAN countries.

Foreign investment in the Software and IT Service industry in recent years has been on the rise. During last couple of years, at least 20 joint ventures ODC (off-shore development nenters) habe started operation.

The domestic ICT market is also experiencing high growth and expected to reach (USD 43 million) this year. The growth will be manily driven by large-scale-e-Governance projects, banking solutions, e-Commerce integration, telefommunication applications,etc.

Intellectual Property (IPR) of knowledge assets of software and ICT companies are strongly protected by the law of the country. The ICT Act (Cyber Law) is in place.

The government has declared favorable policy for the ICT industry which has created friendly and competitive envirnoment for the investors. Government also has a national ICT policy of allocation 2% of ADP (Annual Development Program) for ICT procurement every year.

A High Tech Park (over 200 acres of land space) with world-class facility is being constructed to host international and local ICT companies.

More than 5.000 ICT students are graduating from around 300 international standard Universities & ICT Training institutes every year making a strong HR pool serve the growth of ICT industry. European Union has recently identified Bangladesh as one of the top 20 ICT oursourcing countries for EU market.

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