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About BSMM


BSMM Member information    

Bangladesh Society of Medical Microbiologists (BSMM)

This is a professional body of the Medical graduates in Bangladesh having specialization or good inclination to Medical Microbiology. The body was first conceived by a group of enthusiastic Medical Microbiologists in Bangladesh in 1999 and dedicated their cordial and untiring efforts enlisting a total of 140 members to begin with the professional group. This group started working in the name of “Forum for Medical Microbiologists” with the following convenor committee:

Convenor Committee (1999):
           Professor Kazi Mosihur Rahman

Professor MA Halim

Professor GM Muazzam

Professor Tehmina Hossain

Professor Farida Haque

Professor Ruhul Hasin

Major Genral (Dr.) ASM Matiur Rahman

Professor Abu Ahmed

Dr. MA Rouf

Dr. MA Khasru.

Convenor          Professor Md. Nazrul Islam

Joint Convenor  Professor Md. Ruhul Amin Miah

Member-Secretary  Dr. Nurul Alam,

Members               Dr. BeNazir Ahmed

Dr. Ferdous Ara Chowdhury

Dr. SM Mostafa Kamal

Dr. KM Shahidul Islam

Dr. Tipu Sultan

Soon an urgency for first national convention with the Medical Microbiologists was felt and held in 7th April, 2000 in Dhaka Club, Shahbag, Dhaka. The Forum for Medical Microbiologists then converted into a formal, professional association in the name of “Bangladesh Society of Medical Microbiologists (BSMM)”.The BSMM has been formally registered in the department of Social Welfare of the Government of Bangladesh in 2002. Subsequently three other national conventions were held and four Executive Committees were formed.

First EC members (2000-2002):

Chief Advisor                          Professor Kazi Mosihur Rahman

President                                Professor Tehmina Hossain

Vice Presidents                       Professor Abdullah Akhtar Ahmed 

                                                         Professor Jalal Uddin Ashraful Haq

General Secretary                   Professor Md. Ruhul Amin Miah

Joint Secretary                       Dr. BeNazir Ahmed

Treasurer                              Dr. Ferdous Ara Chowdhury

Organizing Secretary              Dr. Zahidul Hasan

Scientific and Publication Secretary              Dr. KM Shahidul Islam

Social welfare and Cultural Secretary           Dr. Afzalunnessa Binte Lutfor

Office Secretary                       Dr. Kazi Mahbub Hassan

Members:                                Professor Md. Nazrul Islam

                                              Professor Farida Huq

    Dr. ASM Motiur Rahman

    Dr. Md. Zafor Ullah Chowdhury

    Dr. Md. Akram Hossain

    Dr. Kazi Zulfiquer Mamun

                                                    Dr. Naima Muazzam

                                                    Dr. Mariam Khatun

                                                    Dr. Md. Younus Ali Mondol

                                                    Dr. Md. Abul Kashem Chowdhury

                                                    Dr. Md. Nurul Alam

                                                    Dr. SM Mostafa Kamal

                                                    Dr. Ahmed Abu Saleh

                                                    Dr. Sanya Tahmina Jhora

                                                    Dr. Shahidul Mannan


The second national convention held at BIAM auditorium, Dhaka on 02 May, 2002 forming up the following executive committee:

Second EC members (2002-2004):

President                                                    Professor Tehmina Hossain

            Vice Presidents                                        Professor Md. Zaforullah Chowdhury

                                                                          Professor Naima Muazzam

            General Secretary                                    Professor Md. Ruhul Amin Miah

            Joint Secretary                                         Dr. Be-Nazir Ahmed

            Treasurer                                                Dr. Ferdous Ara Chowdhury

            Organizing Secretary                                Dr. AKM Rezaul Haque

            Scientific & Publication Secretary               Dr. SM Mostafa Kamal

            Social Welfare & Cultural Secretary           Dr. Afzalunnessa Binte Lutfor

            Office Secretary                                       Dr. Kazi Mahbub Hasan


Professor Md. Nazrul Islam                     Dr. Abu Ahmed

            Dr. MA Rouf                                          Major General (Dr.) ASM Matiur Rahman

            Professor Jalal Uddin Ashraful Haq           Dr. Kazi Zulfiquer Mamun

Dr. Humayun Sattar                                Dr. Md. Abul Kashem Chowdhury           

Dr. Shahina Tabassum                            Dr. Md. Ashrafuzzaman

            Dr. Akhterun Naher                                 Dr. KM Shahidul Islam

            Dr. Ahmed Abu Saleh                              Dr. AKM Musa

Dr. SMA Khaleque

            Co-opt Members:                                   Dr. Shirin Tarafder

Dr. Sanya Tahmina Jhora


The third national convention of the society was held at Chittagong Club, Chittagong on 27 March, 2003 and the third executive committee was re-elected in a body for next tenure of 2004-2006.

The fourth national convention was held at the BCPS auditorium, Mohakhali, Dhaka on June, 2007 and another executive committee was elected.

Fourth EC members (2007-2009):

President                             Professor Professor Md. Nazrul Islam

Vice Presidents                     Professor Osul Ahmed Chowdhury                               

        Professor Naima Muazzam

General Secretary                 Dr. BeNazir Ahmed

Joint Secretary                      Dr. SM Mostafa Kamal

Treasurer                             Dr. Ahmed Abu Saleh

Organizing Secretary             Dr. Sanya Tahmina Jhora

Scientific and Publication Secretary               Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam

Social welfare and Cultural Secretary            Col Dr. Md. Rahimgir

Office Secretary                     Dr. Akhteruzzaman Chowdhury

Members:                              Professor Abdullah Akhtar Ahmed

                                             Professor Md. Zafor Ullah Chowdhury

                                             Professor Marium Khatun

                                             Professor Iftikhar Ahmed

                                             Professor Afzalunnessa Binte Lutfor

                                             Professor Munir Hassan

                                             Professor SMA Khaleque

                                             Professor Sabeena Shahnaz

                                             Lt. Col. Dr. Md. Faruk Miah

                                             Dr. Md. Shariful Alam Jilani

                                             Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman

                                             Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin

                                             Dr. Abu Naser Ibne Sattar

                                             Dr. Saif Ullah Munshi

                                             Dr. Farhana Alamgir

Ex-Officio                                Professor Tehmina Hussain

                                              Professor Md. Ruhul Amin Miah


Many seminars/ workshops have been conducted by the BSMM on different current concerns in Medical Microbiology.

The fourth Executive Committee (2007-2009) recommended a proposal for publication of a Scientific Journal by the society and finally a journal in the name of “Bangladesh Journal of Medical Microbiologists (BJMM)” is now being published biennially.

The BSMM has a long way to go. The scientific basis of the society needs to be formed up strongly providing a caring nursery to the members as well as to countrymen. Well wishers are requested to provide their sincere and optimized proposals to build up the body into a well-harmonized, internationally reputed professional organization.

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