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Chowdhury/Chaudhry/Choudhury/Chaudhary (Hindi: चौधरी , Urdu: چوہدری, Bengali: চৌধুরী


 is a term inIndo-Aryan languages, literally meaning "holder of four". Traditionally, the term is used as a title indicating the ownership of ancestral land, but in contemporary usage it is often taken as asurname. The spelling of the word varies in different areas. In some cases it may also mean "power".


In Bihar, the Choudhurys are known for owning large ancestral lands.


In the north and eastern Indian states of Bihar andBengal, the title is used by Kulin Brahmins and certain MuslimTaluqdar families. Kamadhenu,Gujjar and Kamboja caste groups which had kayastha connections in Nizami times also used this title


In Andhra Pradesh, the title is used by the Kamma caste.


In north Indian states such as Haryana, the title is used by landowning ethnic groups and tribes, including the Gujjars and Jats. However, ist is also used by the Arains, Ojnaas, Yadavs, Rajputs, Kambohs, Minhas, Sulehria, Ghore Waha and Sainis.


Nowadays many Rajput clans have given up this title. They use the titles Rana & Raja instea  of Chowdhury.


The title became significant during theMughal era as the Mughal Emperors conferred it upon some privileged Taluqdars, initially in thePunjab region, and then throughout most ofNorth India.


The Mughal Emperor Zaheerudin Babur mentions the Chowdhurys of Bher in his book,Tuzk-e-Babri, who were appointed by the Turk King Alauddin Khilji


Beispiele der Chowdhurys


The first proposer of Bengali as the language for the people of undivided Bengal, now Bangladesh and West Bengal is Nawab Bahadur Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury.

Syed Nawab Ali married the daughter of Nawab Abdus Sobhan of Bogra. Syed Nawab Ali’s eldest son Nawabzada Altaf Ali Chowdhury organized the Bogra Estate. Chowdhury Mohammad Ali Bogra, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is his grandson. His second and youngest son is Nawabzada Syed Hasan Ali Chowdhury, a former Minister of Commerce and Industry and a Member of Parliament. Nawab Bahadur turned his vast Zamindari estate into a Waqf Estate.


 Abu Sayeed Chowdhury (January 31, 1921 - August 2, 1987) was a jurist and thePresident of Bangladesh.In 1978, Justice Chowdhury was elected a member of the United Nations Sub-committee on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. In 1985, he was elected chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission.  

  1. Fazlul Kabir Chowdhury (former leader of the opposition of pakistan)
  2. Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury  (former Adviser to thePrime Minister of Bangladesh)
  • Abdul Hamid Chowdhury (Speaker of theEast Pakistan Provincial Assembly)
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