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24. Juli 2013 3 24 /07 /Juli /2013 09:34
Yunus meets top US officials
Muhammad Yunus has met three top US officials including the Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman in Washington.
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Before the Sherman-Yunus meeting, the noble laureate also met the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O Blake and Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Jose W Fernandez.

The three back-to-back meetings took place in between 9:45pm and 12pm Tuesday (Washington Time).

However, journalists were not informed about the meetings held at the Department of State on Monday.

The US Department of State, in its website, has said the three meetings were ‘closed to press coverage’.

The meetings follow a tough warning by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government over a statement of Yunus Centre.

All of the three US officials have visited Bangladesh in the last 12 months.

Requesting anonymity, a State Department official told bdnews24.com: “Different issues including Bangladesh’s political situation and Grameen Bank were discussed at the meeting.”

“On the part of the US, it was asked how Grameen Bank activities were going on in Bangladesh in the absence of Dr Yunus.”

Bangladesh Bank sacked Yunus from the office of the microcredit bank’s Managing Director after the Awami League-led government assumed office.

The Nobel laureate lost the legal battle with the government over the central bank action.


Yunus has been criticising the government measures involving Grameen Bank since then while ministers and Awami League leaders are bashing him to return the favour. However, the opposition BNP is supporting Yunus.


The State Department official said the issue of Bangladesh’s getting back the GSP (Generalised System of Preference) facility, which the US government suspended last month over workers’ safety condition in factories, was also discussed.

Awami League leaders alleged on several occasions that Yunus had a hand in the suspension of the preferential facility.

Brushing aside the allegation, Yunus said: “Since we could not satisfy the buyers, they suspended the GSP facility.”

The government recently threatened Yunus Centre with legal action if it did not withdraw the statement over a 'remark’ by Hasina.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement to this end on July 18, a day after the Yunus Centre made the statement.

The PMO also alleged the Yunus Centre tried to humiliate the head of the government by issuing the statement based on unconfirmed news.

Mein Kommentar: Grameen-Bank müsste ihrem Grunder zurückgegeen werden. Die Menschen in Bangladesch können sich einfach nicht leisten, dass die Grameen-Bank unter der korrupten Awamiliga-Leute und derern Hindugeist Hasina zerstört wird. Es ist im Interesse unseres Landes, dass die Bank aus dem staalichen Oktopus, die aus äußerst korrupten Menschen besteht, die in der Welt beispiellos gelten, befreit werden. Die Bank müsste ihm zurückgegeben werden, dem sie hingehört.

Es wäre besser, wenn die USA "GSP facility" für Bangladesch wieder herstellt. Diese Maßnahme würde nur die Bangladesch-Wirtschaft noch schwer  betroffen machen.

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