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The overall mission of IUBAT is human resources development through appropriate teaching, training and guidance as well as creation of knowledge conducive to socio-agro- economic development of developing societies in general and that of Bangladesh in particular. This overall mission is being attained through offering courses and curricula relating to various aspects of knowledge as well as providing opportunities for individuals to acquire skill and relevant experience in the chosen field of specialization. Besides, the University provide opportunities for promotion of scholasticism through research in different subject areas and application of knowledge in the context of Bangladesh.

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IUBAT operates as an international institution having linkages with other universities located in industrially developed and developing countries. This not only ensures cooperative exchange of scholars of different cultures but also enriches the university in terms of diversity of approaches and experiences.

IUBAT does not discriminate in its programs and activities against any person because of race, ethnic origin, ancestry, religion, age, and sex. This non-discrimination policy applies to admissions, employment, treatment of individuals and access to programs. The university has a pro-active policy towards participation of women and a desirable minimum target of 25% women students in the student body.

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KBAD -Knowledge Based Area Development

(A Step Towards Community Self-Reliance)


Dr M Alimullah Miyan
Founder & Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT

Bangladesh is endowed with people who are to be transformed into human capital through education and skill development. This can be achieved by adopting development of different localities through spreading knowledge.

Under the Knowledge Based Area Development, young person from each locality would be given opportunity to go for higher education in marketable knowledge and skills. The barrier of financing should be overcome through establishment of Educational Bank(s) for loans and assistance.

Through active participation of every educated individual of the society it is possible to break the vicious cycle of poverty to build up a prosperous country based on knowledge and skill. This concept, if embraced by the community as a whole, will strengthen the ongoing drive towards nation building and accelerate the dream of making Bangladesh a prosperous self-respecting country.

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4 Embankment Drive Road, Sector-10 (Off Dhaka-Ashulia Road)
Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230.
Phone: 896 3523-27, 892 3469-70, 0171 4014933
Fax: 892 2625, info@iubat.edu, www.iubat.edu
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