Henry Kissinger: Jews Are ‘Self-Serving Bastards’

It seems like every time the powers that be release a new nugget of history from Richard Nixon's noxious crypt, it contains a choice anti-Semitic moment. But this time, it's not Nixon's vivid and vulgar Jew-hatred on display. It's Henry Kissinger (a Jew!) calling his people the most "self-serving group of people" on the planet.

It's true! They were self-serving. They were trying to serve themselves by begging for the White House's help in rescuing Jews stuck behind the Iron Curtain from Soviet oppression. Jews! It's never enough with those people. Which is why, according to newly released transcripts from the State Department, Kissinger responded to a desperate request for assistance from former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir by complaining to a colleague: "Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?"

No. And chatty, too. "You can't even tell bastards anything in confidence because they'll leak it." Never trust a Jew, says Henry Kissinger. He made his boss proud.