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Wusstet Ihr schon, dass bei uns in Bangladesh die TV-Ausstrahlung im Jahre 1964 begonnen hatte. In dieser Zeit gab es keine Fersehstation in Indien.Das sagt aber was. Nicht wahr?   Wann wurde die Dhaka-Fernsehstation im Betrieb genommen, ist einfach  aus der Medienwelt bzw. aus dem Internetwelt heraus zu finden.  Nachweis:

Company description

Communications: Operation of the country's television network. Since its inception in late 1964, BTV(Bangladesh Television) has kept its basic objective and contributed to upgrade the quality of national culture through the dissemination of information, extension of education, motivation for development activities and entertainment programmes exploring world trends and domestic needs. Programmes are terrestrially transmitted throughout the country by a network of 17 relay stations. Transmission in colour is received by approximately 2 million TV sets. Programmes originate from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and transmitters through regional relay stations. BTV's second fully-fledged TV station, Chittagong, originates one-hour daily programmes, of which 30 minutes are regional programming and the rest transmitted through the national network. The average transmission time is around 12 hours per day, 80 of which are produced locally and the rest imported . Deise Information ist jedoch sehr alt. Es gibt jezt keine Relaystations sondern viele "full fledged TV-Stations" Dieser Nachweis dient dazu, dass Dhaka-TV im Jahe 1964 im Betrieb genommen wurde.

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