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Shapla-a kind of water-lily, is a most familiar flower of Bangladesh. It is the country's national flower. It is a member of many old flower-families. In Bangladesh one can find ten to twelve kinds of Shapla flowers. They grow under water in the muddy soil below. The species of the warm zone grows throughout the year if the water remains warm. Some species blossom at night. There are large and small Shapla flowers of various colors. Though some leaves are large and some small, they are more or less similar in respect of color. The floating leaves are round shaped and ovate. The upper side of the leaves is bright green while the bottom side is reddish violet. In Bangladesh, one can find Shapla in her long pools of water, swamps, large fens and ponds. Though they blossom abundantly during the rainy season, but yet it is a kind of a flower which blossom more or less throughout the year. A kind of potato grows from the Shapla in the muddy soil under water which is called 'Shaluk.' The fruit that grows in the floating Shapla flower is called 'vat.' Shapla has some medicinal properties too. It is used in the treatment of heart troubles, dysentery, vomiting, etc.

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