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In Bangladesh, the more challenging phase of studentship is university/ college education which is highly influenced by criminalized politics. In each so-called political party in Bangladesh, we mark student wings which are used to demonstrate muscle power that goes against everything that an egalitarian society stands for.

The political parties, devoid of sound theories and pragmatism of politics, deliberately nourish and patronise unhealthy student politics only for their vested interest, setting aside the greater interest of the nation.

One need not be a social scientist to understand the reasons behind today's student politics. It is a synonym for hooliganism, hijacking, extortion, robbery and what not. After independence, dozens of students and non-students have been murdered in educational institutions due to campus violence triggered by venomous political parties' student wings.

The present kind of student politics is a colossal wastage for the whole nation. All the sufferers know how diabolical the behaviour of the student political entities can be. Student politics in Bangladesh is diametrically opposite to what real student politics should be. Real student politics negotiates for enhancing research facilities, ensuring regular class and accommodation facilities, increasing the number of books in the library, organising seminars, symposia, presentations, debate etc. But these are bygone, historical memories in Bangladesh.

After the 10th parliamentary election, anarchy in the educational institutions seem to be an everyday affair. Most higher educational institutions are closed sine die for violence and vandalism created by different sections of student wings. The universities are turning into a battle field with mediaeval barbarism to kill or cause grievous hurt to fellow students.

The hapless parents count the moments with great anxiety, whether their beloved offspring would come home after completion of education within the stipulated time, or be a dead body sacrificed at the altar of sick student politics which snatch two to three years from the life of every student due to session jam.

Poor parents start counting beads for better days just after sending their son/daughter to the university. The pertinent question arises: Is there any economist in the world who can count the financial and psychological value of such time wasted in vain?

None can deny the historical role of the students for the independence of Bangladesh. The Bengalees are probably the only nation which gets its complete shape from the very leadership of students.

But so-called student politics now is a death trap in Bangladesh. It does not deserve any support from any corner -- legally morally, and ethically. The common people of Bangladesh do not want to see so called student politics at all.

We have to remember that political rights are not absolute and are subject to many reasonable restrictions of public policy.

Many public universities insist on a non-political campus. Hence the constitution and constitutional explanation would not bar the proposal for banning the present anti-development, anti-enlightenment politics of students.

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