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25. Juli 2014 5 25 /07 /Juli /2014 00:06
Turkey Vs. Israel - Verified Military Weaponry, Personnel And Statistics Comparison
What sort of post is this and why on earth would you put this on here. If this is in response to the recent tensions between turkey and israel then its just stupid. Turkey is the 6th largest military power in the world according to estimates, are you SERIOUS? I couldnt see your stupid link but what a load of crap. Who really knows who's the most powerful. If theres one thing America's good for thats boasting about bulls**t. Apparently they're the most powerful country in the world. Yet with the help of NATO which includes Turkey and other countries outside NATO like Pakistan, India and China and Russia. Yet they are incapable of defeating the Taliban. So how on earth does that prove that they are even the most powerful. In my opinion it all comes down to who possess nukes i mean look at tiny North Korea why has the US done anything too them. Because they know they'd get rocked if the korean managed to hit them with at least one. And in this case of both Israel and Turkey apparetnly they both have them. So if Israel decides to use them it is more than likely that Turkey will use them. And in that case its possible israel will disappear after taking maybe one. Where as Turkey is massive in comparison to Israel when it comes to land mass. So Israel better be prepared and also able to use everything they got if they call Turkeys bluff. As for the US and everyone else in the international arena if Nukes get involved I doubt they would want to get involved even if it is Israel. After all Turkey is their allie and is in a legally binding internationally recognised strategic military contract known as NATO. However if the US does decide to do so then it is more than likely they'll get hit with all the remaining ones that Turkey has left after obliterating Israel. So lets all pray Israel comes to its senses and apologises for the horrible incident that took place on the Mavi Marmara. Pay compensation to the victims next of kin. And change for the sake of good by making the correct changes and work out a peace deal with all their neighbours afterall who needs War. But lets face it Israel does not want peace hence this is why they have swallowed up 75% of all the remaining Paletinian land which was left for the Palestinians after 1967. Nevertheless the Palestinians are still only left with 15% as the other 10% is controlled by Israel. So do you see Israel does not want to negotiate because there is nothing left to negotiate about and they know this. So not only are they in the wrong they cntinue to do wrong by continuing to occupy more land, imprison more prisoners, blockade the Gaza strip ruled by Hamas which was a democratically elected government. And then commit acts on war crimes on international waters. But they still wont apologize. I think the whole world knows who is in the wrong and its coming to a time where one by one is standing up to it. Just like apartied south africa with Israel used to share very good relations with by the way. PEACE
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