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Ustad Alla-Uddin Khan


Ustad AllaUddin Khan is one of the gems of Musical world. Born in 1862 at Shibpur village in Brahmanbaria (Today, it is a part of Bangladesh), Alla-uddin Khan has been raised to the deserved regard of a Baba (father). The great Indian Sarod player is also renowned as a multi-instrumentalist. One of the best teachers of music, himself took his coaching from the great Wazir Khan.

Since childhood, Alla-uddin was fond of music and escaped from home to join Bengali theater at the age of ten. His interest for music got more intense with his experience in theater. Following theater, he learned music under the guidance of various musical maestros namely Gopal Krishna Bhattacharya, Amritalal Dutt and worked in Kolkata's Star Theatre. Here, Alla-uddin met Mr. Lobo and took training of European classical violin from him.

The theme of Sarod occupied the mind of Alauddin Khan, when he got the chance to attend a concert of Ahmed Ali Khan (a student of Asghar Ali Khan). After seeing his intense desire to learn Sarod, Ahmed Ali Khan started giving him the lessons of Sarod. After taking guidance for five years, Alauddin went to Senia Gharana (Tansen school of music), the popular school of music in northern part of India. Soon after this, he became the musician of court in Maihar Gharana (Estate) of Brijnath Singh Maharaja in the Central Province.

In the time, when Alla-uddin was working as a court musician, he totally changed the Maihar Gharana, celebrated for Indian classical music. Due to this fact, many a times Alla-uddin is regarded as its creator. At this time, Hindustani instrumental music observed a major change because Allauddin incorporated Beenbaj, Dhrupad Ang (Been), Surbahar (bass sitar) and Sur-sringar (bass sarod) in the class of classical instruments.

Baba Alla-uddin created many ragas to add the Indian music and gave various sarod concerts. He didn't work upon only on Sarod but on other Indian musical instruments too. For his mind-blowing contribution to the Indian music, he was honored by Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1952, 'Padma Bushan' in 1958 and 'Padma Vibhushan' in 1971. In 1955, Baba established a Maihar College of Music. In 1972, Alla-uddin Khan died at the age of 110. The contribution made by Ustad Alla-uddin to the Indian music is incredible and he has established a niche for himself.


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