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  • Komment über den Motor der Bangladeschischen Wietschaft des Niederländischen Botschafters in Dhaka

    06 April 2010

    Bangladesh needs to do 'a lot to become middle-income country' FE Report Bangladesh has to do a lot to become a middle-income country or a new Asian tiger by 2021, Dutch Ambassador in Dhaka Alphons Hennekens said Tuesday. "To truly develop the country's...

  • Der einst Topsinger Indiens Rafi Muhammad

    24 September 2010


  • Der indischstammige Miese

    22 September 2010

    Ist der Affe mit den Juden befreundet? Wann ist seine Eltern aus Indien Hungerkatastophe entflogen und nach Deutschalnd gekommen? Warum nicht nach Südafrika oder Uganda? Ich wündere mich, wie groß er geworden ist, dass er im Fernseh Zirkus macht. "Denk...

  • Dilip Kumar (Mohammed Yusuf Khan) Einst Top-Actor Indiens

    25 September 2010

    Yusuf Khan (Hindi: यूसुफ़ ख़ान) (born 11 December 1922), popularly known as Dilip Kumar (Hindi: दिलीप कुमार) is an Indian actor and a former Member of Parliament. He lives in Pali Hill in the Mumbai suburb of Bandra. Starting his career in 1944, Kumar...

  • Speed up the process

    08 Juni 2010

    Bangladesh has vast opportunity to earn huge foreign currency from tourism sector like today's garments sector by using its geographical location and natural beauties. But the governments of the country so far did not give full concentration to flourish...

  • Filmography of Modhubala

    25 September 2010

    Filmography Movie Year Basant 1942 Mumtaz Mahal 1944 Dhanna Bhagat 1945 Rajputani 1946 Pujari 1946 Phoolwari 1946 Saat Samundaron Ki Mallika 1947 Mere Bhagwan 1947 Khubsoorat Duniya 1947 Dil-Ki-Rani Sweet-Heart 1947 Chittor Vijay 1947 Neel Kamal 1947...

  • Begum Akthar

    26 September 2010

    Begum Akhtar or Akhtari Bai Faizabadi (October 7, 1914 – 1974) was an Indian vocalist of Ghazal , Dadra and Thumri . Her first public performance was at the age of fifteen. She also acted in several Bollywood films, including Mumtaz Beghum (1934), Jawaani...

  • Rajshahi, eine city in Bangladesch, die die Welt als glückliches people' lebender Platz erkannte.

    22 November 2009

    A city that world recognised as happy people's living place Rajshashi is a division of Bangladesh. Its a cool city for passing a long time like 6 months. City that recognised by a survery that is the living place of the most happy people. Rajshahi is...

  • Ustad Alla Rakah

    24 September 2010

    Qureshi Alla Rakha Khan popularly known as Alla Rakha (29 April 1919 – 3 February 2000) was an Indian tabla player. He was a frequent accompanist of Ravi Shankar . Personal life and education Alla Rakha was born in Paghwal , District Samba Division, Jammu,...

  • Chowdhury

    30 April 2010

    Chowdhury/Chaudhry/Choudhury/Chaudhary ( Hindi : चौधरी , Urdu : چوہدری , Bengali : চৌধুরী is a term in Indo-Aryan languages , literally meaning "holder of four". Traditionally, the term is used as a title indicating the ownership of ancestral land, but...

  • Shipbuilding

    29 September 2010

    Danish envoy upbeat on Bangladesh's potential in shipbuilding Star Business Report Bangladesh can emerge as a quality shipbuilder, provided the nation cashes in on the growing demand in the post- recession time worldwide, Danish Ambassador in Dhaka Einar...

  • An Artist in exile

    26 September 2010

    An Artist in Exile Tests India’s Democratic Ideals Tamara Abdul Hadi for The New York Times M. F. Husain Mr. Husain is a Muslim who is fond of painting Hindu goddesses, sometimes portraying them nude. That obsession has earned him the ire of a small but...

  • Music director Naushad Ali

    28 September 2010

    Naushad Ali (Hindi: नौशाद अली, Urdu: نوشاد علی ; December 25, 1919 – May 5, 2006) was an Indian musician. He was one of the foremost music directors for Bollywood films of all time, and is particularly known for popularizing the use of classical music...

  • SAP

    29 September 2010

    to expand operation footprint in Bangladesh Posted on April 27, 2010 by bangladesheconomy | Comments Off http://www.theindependent-bd.com/details.php?nid=171322 SAP to expand operation footprint in Bangladesh Economic reporter SAP, the World’s largest...

  • IT

    29 September 2010

    IT villages to be set up in 6 divisions DHAKA, Bangladesh, May 4 (BSS) – In line with the present government’s vision to build `Digital Bangladesh’, six IT villages will be set up in six divisions of the country, Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer...

  • News

    30 September 2010

    USA-China Industry to invest $2.5m in CEPZ World Ye Dress Pants Limited, a US-Chinese company in the Chittagong Export Processing Zone, is to expand its garments accessories unit with more investment and creation of new jobs for the Bangladeshis. The...

  • Unterschied zwischen Namen und Begriff

    11 September 2010

    Gestern habe ich von dem kriminellen Element bzw. von der damaligen Bekanntin gesprochen, weil es nötig war, den Unterschied zwischen einem Begriff, der vermutlich (weiß nicht genau) mit der jüdischen Religion zu tun hätte und einem Namen unseres Hausmädchens,...

  • Nun hat Bangladesh seinen eigenen Handy-Brand

    30 September 2010

    Grameenphone launches GP-branded handset Grameenphone Ltd. brings its own branded handset to the market with the launch of the first GP-branded mobile phone. This is first time ever that a mobile phone operator in Bangladesh is bringing its own handset...

  • Dr. Prof. Muhammad Yunus receives the nobel peace prize for 2006

    18 Oktober 2010

  • Liste der asiatischen Länder, wo Militärputsch und auch deren Versuche stattgefunden hat

    19 Oktober 2010

    Country Coup d' etat Afghanistan 1978 Bangladesh 1975 Brunei 1962 failed Coup Cambodia 1970 Indonesia 1965 Laos 1960 Maldives failed coup 1980,1983,1988 Myanmar 1962 Pakistan 1958,1999 Philippines failed coup in 2003, 2006 Sri Lanka failed coup 1962 2006...

  • Kriegsverbrecherprozess

    23 Oktober 2010

    Ich glaube, dass dieser Prozess nur gegenüber bengalischen Kriegsverbrecher Unrecht erzeugen würde. Die bengalischen Kollaborateuren sind unter einer ausländischen Schutzmacht Verbrechen begangen. Wenn die pakistanischen Soldaten bzw. Militärpersonell...

  • Untold Facts

    17 Oktober 2010

    Awami League: No Patriot? BBC’s Serajur Rahman The BBC fame journalist Mr. Serajur Rahman, nearly an octogenarian, living and settled in London after retirement, just a few days ago in a Bengali daily column lamented in utter desperation if there was...

  • Talat Mahmud

    27 September 2010

    Talat Mahmood (Urdu: طلعت محمود) (February 24, 1924 – May 9, 1998) was a popular Indian playback singer and film actor. A recipient of the Padma Bhushan , he was famous for his ghazals . Contents [ hide ] 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Singing career...

  • Ziaur Rahman (Khaledas Mann)

    20 Oktober 2010

    Dieser ist der erste gewesen, der von dem unabhängigen Bangladesh über Radio gesprochen habe. Wikipedia sagt das gleiche. Hasinas Awamiliga bestreitet es. On the night of 25 March 1971, when the West Pakistani Army started a genocide against the Bengalis...

  • GDP 2016

    30 August 2011

    Laut der Groß-Domestik-Produtk der Länder würde die Wirtschaftsgröße von Bangladesch im Jahre 2016 so wachsen, dass die Wirtschaft der folgenden Länder unter uns liegen würden: Tschechische Republik Griechenland Schweiz Wenn auch die Naturkatastrophe...