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  • Boat-manufachturing in Bangladesh

    15 November 2009

    Eastern Fiberglass Company is one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass (F. R. P. ) products such as speed boat / motor boat, paddle boat, door, chair, translucent & transparent corrugated sheet, water tank etc. In Bangladesh. The industry is situated...

  • Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh (mehr Informationen)

    10 November 2008

    Bangladesh set to emerge as new shipbuilding hub FE Report Ship building i ndustry in Bangladesh is set to emerge as new export leader after two ship builders said Monday they have already grabbed order worth over $250 million last year. Meghnaghat-based...

  • Wind Power, a positive trend

    28 April 2010

    31 Percent Growth in Wind Power Worldwide The global wind industry posted another record year in 2009 as cumulative installed wind power capacity grew to 158,000 megawatts. Even in the face of a worldwide economic downturn in 2009, wind power gained 31...

  • Bangladesh Society of Medical Microbiologist

    23 November 2009

    About BSMM BSMM Member information Bangladesh Society of Medical Microbiologists (BSMM) This is a professional body of the Medical graduates in Bangladesh having specialization or good inclination to Medical Microbiology. The body was first conceived...

  • The "Porabari Chom Chom" a famous and legendary sweet (made in Bangladesh)

    23 April 2010

    Once, the Tangail Porabari chom chom was famous throughout the Indo Pak sub-continent. The very name of Porabari chom chom still bears the old glory of Tangail. It has an eternal appeal to all. The color of this sweet meat is as like as the color of a...

  • The next 11 emerging economies

    21 März 2010

    Next 11 countries The N11 countries are Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam. Although varied both geographically and economically, these 11 countries have features in common that...

  • Nazrul Islam, der National-Dichter (Poet) von Bangladesh

    30 April 2010

    Nazrul Islam ist unser national-Dichter. Er war auch Singer, ein Singer der seine Lyrics selber geschrieben und die Songs selber komponiert habe. Er habe nur seine eigene Songs, die man Nazrul-Geeti nennt, gesungen. Nazrul-Geeti ist in Bangladesch sehr...

  • Die Aktivitäten der Elefanten in Bangladesch

    20 April 2010

    Wild elephants crush three in Bangladesh Independent Online April 22 2009 Dhaka - Wild elephants trampled to death three people, including two children, in far south-eastern Bangladesh as they were collecting firewood, media reports said on Wednesday....

  • National Hymne von Bangladesch

    07 Juni 2010

    Amar Shonar Bangla (My Golden Bengal) Listen My Bengal of gold, I love you Forever your skies, your air set my heart in tune as if it were a flute, In Spring, Oh mother mine, the fragrance from your mango-groves makes me wild with joy- Ah, what a thrill!...

  • Royal Bengal flies high in the skies of Bangladesh

    06 Juni 2010

    Royal Bengal is airborne, as the company launches its first scheduled flights! January 31st 2008 Royal Bengal, the first 'truly' British Bangladeshi Airline has completed its domestic infrastructure set-up and has officially launched its full domestic...

  • Die muslimischen musikalischen Gurus

    21 Juni 2009

    Gurus Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan Sahab was one of the pillars of Agra Gharana. He was the son of Ustad Nathan Khan and was born around 1890. He lost his father at an early age and was adopted by Ustad Mahamad Baksh. He received...

  • S&P gives Bangladesh "BB-" long term rating

    06 April 2010

    S&P gives Bangladesh 'BB-' long-term rating Access to foreign financial markets to be easier FE Report Bangladesh has got its first sovereign credit rating that has given it much needed access to foreign financial markets and made it a lucrative destination...

  • Jinnah and Gandhi

    22 September 2010

    Jinnah studied law in England, and after his return to India in 1896 as an advocate for the Bombay High Court, the slender, well-dressed and well-spoken attorney quickly made a name for himself. According to one contemporary, quoted in a Time Magazine...

  • Shaikh Mujib with David Frost Viedeo

    23 September 2010

    Sheikh Mujubur Rahman- Founder Of Bangladesh
  • Energy Bangla

    23 November 2009

    Power Sector 28 Companies Submit Document For 830 MW Plants Thursday, 11.12.2009, 03:01pm (GMT) A total of 28 local and foreign companies submitted their documents for installation of 10 public sector power plants having capacity of producing 830 MW of...

  • Chowdhury Muhammad Ali Bogra

    23 August 2010

    Muhammad Ali Bogra was born in an aristocratic nawab family at Bogra, East Bengal( heutige Bangladesh), in 1900. He completed his education at Calcutta University. In 1937, he was elected to the Bengal Legislative Assembly. In 1943, Muhammad Ali Bogra...

  • Der Staat steht über alles Kapitel II

    23 Mai 2010

    DasJahr war 1498. In diesem Jahr fingen die Handelsverbindung Europas mit Indien an. Nach der Ankunft des Portugiesen Vasco da Gamas in Calicut Indiens. Der Portugiese hatte mit Goa schon in 1510 gehandelt und später andere Kolonien auf der Westküste...

  • Ustad Bismillah Khan

    24 September 2010

    Ustad Bismillah Khan Ustad Bismillah Khan is a well-known personality from the panorama of Indian Instrumental Music. Bismillah Khan is often termed as the Shehnai maestro. Born on March 21, 1916 in Bhirung Raut Ki Gali at Dumraon, Bismillah Khan was...

  • Bhutto's Interview on Bangladesh

    23 September 2010

  • Ustad Jakir Hussain

    24 September 2010

    Ustad Zakir Hussain Ustad Zakir Hussain is a renowned name from Indian Instrumentalists that needs no introduction. Born on March 9, 1951 in India, Zakir Hussain is a son of tabla player Ustad Alla Rakha. His father had been too a famous classical table...

  • Islamic culture

    27 September 2010

    Rani Khanam [Kathak Exponent] Rani Khanam is one of the foremost Kathak exponents of India. With her immense talent, a total belief in herself and the courage to follow her intuition, she is a highly respected Kathak dancer and choreographer today. Rani...

  • Indrani Rahman

    29 September 2010

    Indrani Rahman (September 19, 1930, Chennai - February 5, 1999, New York ) was an Indian classical dancer , of Bharata Natyam , Kuchipudi , Kathakali and Odissi , which she popularized in the west, and later settled in New York in 1976. In 1952, she won...

  • Pharma

    29 September 2010

    Pharma sales upbeat Sayeda Akter Local pharmaceutical sales have grown to 21 percent in the April-June period, a rise from 19 percent in the first three months of this year, according to a report of a global pharmaceutical market intelligence agency....

  • Going Nuclear

    21 März 2010

    Tuesday, 03.16.2010, 03:21pm The Bangladesh government has decided to set up 10 power plants with a capacity of generating 830 mw on emergency basis to meet the growing demand for electricity. Briefing reporters after an ECNEC meeting at the NEC conference...

  • Salman Khan

    29 September 2010

    Salman Khan ( Hindi : सलमान ख़ान, Urdu : عبد الرشيد سالم سلمان خان , pronounced [səlˈmɑːn ˈxɑːn] ; born Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan on 27 December 1965) is an Indian film actor who appears in Bollywood films. Khan, who made his acting debut with the...

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